Computers and Typewriters are available for public use.

Patrons must present their card at the front desk to use a computer.

A $1.00 fee will be charged to adults if no library card is presented, along with their drivers license or state ID being presented.


Juvenile patrons must present their library card to use a computer, and also have a valid Internet permission slip signed by their parent or guardian.

Computers do go down 15 minutes before the library closes every day.

Photocopies: Black and white copies $.15 cents per side. Color copies $.50 cents per side.

Computer Printouts (Black and White only): $.15 cents per side.

Faxing: $1.00 per page to send, $1.00 for first page and $.50 cents for each additional page to receive. (Faxing stops 15 minutes before the library closes every day.)

Lamination: $.50 cents per foot (please call ahead to ensure availability)

Digital Scanning: $.50 cents per page, on your flash drive or email.

Current Newspapers and Magazines

E-mail notification of all library notices (if you sign up.)