Mission Statement

The Cahokia Public Library District's mission is to provide materials and services for community residents of all ages to meet their informational, recreational, and educational needs.  Special emphasis is placed on providing current and popular materials, in various formats, and on the enrichment of preschool and primary aged children through materials and programming.  Library services and programs are actively encouraged and promoted.

Service Responses

  • Current Topics and Titles

  • Business and Career Information/Community Referral

  • Basic Literacy/Lifelong Learning

  • Commons

Goals and Objectives

Current Topics and Titles

Cahokia Public Library District will provide access to current materials and information to the residents of the Village of Cahokia and surrounding areas inside the Cahokia Public Library District.

Business and Career Information/Community Referral

Cahokia Public Library District will formulate partnerships and promote collaboration among community groups.

Basic Literacy/Lifelong Learning

Cahokia Library District will empower patrons by providing access to materials, programs, and services that enrich the quality of their lives.


Cahokia Public Library District will assess the needs of the community and assist patrons in effectively using the library's resources.

Cahokia Public Library District

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Cahokia Public Library District | 140 Cahokia Park Dr. Cahokia, IL 62206  | (618) 332- 1491